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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.2., From A.D. 1180 To A.D. 1201.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.2., From A.D. 1180 To A.D. 1201.
page 554

Offa, king, i. 23 Olaf, king, i. 105 Olanege, i. 102 Oleron laws, the, ii. 140 Ordgar, duke, i. 73 Osbert, king, i. 44 Osborn, earl, i. 142 Osgod Clapa, i. Ill Oswald, Saint, i. 80 Otho IV. emperor, ii, 414, 463, 481 Pagan captives beheaded, ii. 219 Pains, Hugh de, i. 222 Pannage, ii. 435 Papirius, John, i. 252 Paris, dissensions at, ii. 484 Paschal II. pope, i. 203 Pedreda, synod of, i. 150 Pendredesmuthe, i. 37 Penwithsteort, i. 82 Pestilence at Rome, ii. 97 Peter, cardinal, i. 471 — of Blois, ii. 238 Petroc, Saint, i. 457 Pharamella the astrologer, ii. 43 Philip Augustus, king, his coronation, i. 517, leaves Syria, ii. 218, returns from Acre, ii. 247, arrives in France, ii. 263. See Botilda — duke of Suabia, ii. 481 — son of king Richard, ii. 464 Pilgrimage, ordinances as to, ii. 160 Pisans, the, ii. 207 Pleas of the crown, ii. 335, 432 Plumpton, Gilbert de, ii. 32 Portarius, i. 442 Pourprestures, ii. 433 Prayer for Jerusalem, ii. 103 Presentai, i. 434 Prester John, i. 491 Prophecy, an ancient, ii. 172 Prudhoe, castle of, i. 380 Purgation of king Henry II., i. 356 Raymond, earl, i. 249 — earl of Saint Gilles, ii. 487 Ranulph, chancellor, i. 216 — earl of Chester, i. 238, ii. 69 Reconciliation of the prelates of York and Ely, ii. 323 Reginald, archbishop, i. 293 — of Cologne, i. 277 Reimer, i. 248 Rheims, council of, i. 209. Rhodes, ii. 250 Richard, archbishop, ii. 31 — I., king, reign of, ii. Ill— laws of, ii. 113—his first coronation, ii. 117—sets out for the Crusades, ii. 141 — his progress, ii. 143, 146, 157, 159—-his repentance, ii. 176—his marriage, ii. 204 —his illness, ii. 207—his captivity, ii. 270, 278, 281—treaty for his release, ii. 295—ransom of, ii 290 —his liberation, ii. 306, 309—his second coronation, ii. 321—his intended assassination, n." 352— amends his life, ii. 357—his death, ii. 453 Robbers, oath to apprehend, ii. 368 Robert, bishop of Hereford, i. 183, ii. 289,315 — duke, i. 179 — earl, i. 167, 170 Roger, archbishop, i. 265 — bishop, i. 235 — king of Sicily, ii. 253 — of Ripon, his confession, ii. 396 Roland, bishop, ii. 18 Rollo, duke, i. 49 Romania, ii. 255 Romans, election of emperor of the, ii. 414 Rome subjected by Charlemagne, i. 25 Romescot, i. 24 Rosamond, Fair, ii. 257 Rotrod, archbishop, i. 261 Rouen, ii. 481 Routiers, i. 503 Rumenel, ii. 486 Saint Alban, Robert de, ii. 54 — Andrew's, bishopric of, i. 531 — David's, see of, ii. 469 — Edmund's, Adam of, ii. 312 — John the Baptist, ii. 521 Saladin, ii. 54. 65 Salarian road, i. 203

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