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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.2., From A.D. 1180 To A.D. 1201.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.2., From A.D. 1180 To A.D. 1201.
page 555

Salomon, king, i. 104 Sampson, bishop, i. 186 Sancho, king, i. 439, ii. 479 Saxons, the, i. 25 Saxony, duke of, i. 523 Scot, John the, i. 53 Scotland, submission of the king of, i. 398—charter of liberties of its kings, ii. 131 — liberties of the kings of, ii. 261—charter to the king of, ii. 319 Scylla and Charybdis described, ii. 169 Secundus, the philosopher, ii. 513 Sedbergh, conveyance of the manor of, ii. 120,142 Sempringham, order of, ii. 398 Seneschal, ii. 513 Sibylla, queen, ii. 62 Sicily, earthquake in, i. 261, nobles of, arrested, ii. 405 Sigebert, king, L 22 Sigeferth, i. 95 Simnel cakes, ii. 319 Simon of Apulia, ii. 302, 375, 488 Sithric, king, i. 63 Siward, earl, i. 68, 121 Spain, the divisions of, ii. 263 Spanish era, the, i. 144 Southampton, i. 78 Southweorc, i. 117 Standard, battle of the, i. 231 Stapha, i. 459 Statutes of William the Conqueror, i. 538 Stephen, king, his reign, i. 226, his death, i. 254 Striguil, earl of, i. 312 Stuteville, William de, ii. 482 Subsidy for Jerusalem, ii. 79 Sudarium, i. 4 Sumerled, i. 262 Superhumerale, i. 328 Sutri, i. 215 Swere Birkebain, i. 537—his coronation, ii. 341 Swetbrit, king, i. 3 Sweyn, earl, i. 114 — king, i. SO Swithin, Saint, i. 74 Tancred, king, ii. 163, 169 Tatwin, archbishop, i. 1 Tementale. ii. 317 Tenchebrai, ii. 482 Terricius, ii. 68, 90 Theobald, earl, i. 342 Theodinus, cardinal, i. 347 Theodoric, duke, i. 221 Thomas, archbishop, i. 165 — Saint, his remains, i. 249 Torkeseie, i. 48 Tosti, earl, i. 68, 130 Totehill, ii. 396 Tournaments held, ii. 339 Tournouere, Adam de, ii. 390 Tours, church of, ii. 467 Tracy, William de, i. 335 Treaty, between York and Durham, i. 389—between kings Louis and Henry, i. 465 — between kings Philip and Henry, i. 521—between king Philip and king John, ii. 508 Tripolis, earl of, ii. 62 Tuaz, viscount de, ii. 464 Turcopoles, i. 185 Turebrand, i. 97 Turgot, bishop, i. 155 Turketel, i. 89 Turkill, earl, i. 87 Turnham, Robert de, ii. 439 Stephen de, it. 460 Tusculum, ii. 197 Turstin, abbat, i. 164 — archbishop, i. 206 Tyrell, Walter, i. 189 Ucthred, earl, i. 97 Ulfketel, duke, i. 85 Unnust, king, i. 5 Urban II., pope,i. 175, i. 188 — 111., pope, ii. 52 Vere, Alberic de, i. 245 Verneuil, siege of, i. 370 Viaticum, i. 169 Virgin Mary, appearance of the, ii. 213 Vivianus, cardinal, i. 350, 417 Watlingastrete, i. 92 \V alternile, William de, i. 405

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