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MATTHEW OF WESTMINSTER The flowers of history, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. Vol. I. B.C. 4004 to A.D. 1066.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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The flowers of history, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. Vol. I. B.C. 4004 to A.D. 1066.
page 462

A.JJ. 897 . TREATY OF PEACE WITH BOLLO. built , in which he placed armed men, and commanded them to tak e care of the paths of the sea, providing in this way, both by nava l as well as land forces, for the tranquillity of his kingdom an d o f the people who were his subjects. Abou t this time, a certain man named Rollo, a Dane by birth , accompanied by a great army, came into England and occupie d himself in ravaging the country. But Dania, or Denmark , is an island of the sea, exceedingly fruitful in all tilings, and most especially in men, and its kings ordained in ancient times, by a regularly enacted law, that whenever the bland was too full of men, a body of the bravest should be compelled to quit their homes. Now this Bollo, of whom I am speaking, is asserted to have been one of those who were driven forth from their country in this manner, being a vigorous and mighty man, for his father, detaining his eldest son at home to be his own successor, sent Bollo away to obtain an inheritance by arms, wherever fortune would grant him one . When, therefore, he, as I have said above, was driven into England, the nations at once engaged in battle with him, but when many of them had been shun, the rest fled from the field of battle. When, therefore, Bollo, after the dangers of the sea, was wintering in England to refresh himself and hie army, one night, as he was asleep, there appeared to him a swarm of bees, flying over himself and his army, and with a great hum, seeking the southern districts, and flying over the middle of the sea, till, at last, they came to land. And there also, they settled in swarms on the branches of different trees; but presently they began to traverse the whole district, and examining the flowers of various colours in the different places, to collect in one spot. Therefore Bollo, when he awoke, first of all considered over the vision and its interpretation in his own mind, and after a careful deliberation, he concluded that he was to find a rest for the labours of himself and his comrades in that country in which he had seen the bees descend and settle. Therefore he and his comrades put to sea, and, the wind blowing according to their wishes, passing over the waves of the sea, they came to Gemeticum, where they left in the chapel of Saint V edast, upon the altar, a certain holy virgin, named Ameltrudis, whom they had brought with them from England. But when Francs, archbishop of Rouen, heard of their arrival, he, distrusting the possibility of adequately resisting them, decided that it would be more

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