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MATTHEW OF WESTMINSTER The flowers of history, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. Vol. I. B.C. 4004 to A.D. 1066.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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The flowers of history, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. Vol. I. B.C. 4004 to A.D. 1066.
page 143

134 MATTHEW 07 W18TMI98TBB. A.D. 31.1 basket, and exposed him on the sea, and the wares of the sei, drove him upon an island which is called Scarioth. And troni that island he was called Judas Iscariot. But the queen of that place, who had no children, happened to go down to the seashore, for the sake of bathing, and when she saw a basket tossed about by the waves of the sea, she ordered it to he opened. And finding in it a child of elegant shape, ahi sighed, and said, "0, if I were relieved by the comfort of such an offspring, so that I might not be without a successor to my kingdom !" Therefore, she caused the child to be secretly bred up, and feigned that she herself was with child. At length she pretended that she had been delivered ; and the, matter becomes known by common report over the whole kingdom- All the princes are greatly rejoiced at the birth of a child, and the common people are delighted with extravagant joy. Accordingly, she causes the child to be bred up in a way suited to the royal magnificence. But not long afterwards, the queen did really conceive by the king, and brought forth a son to his father. But when the two children had grown up to some size, they were often playing together, and Judas used to annoy the king's son by repeated injuries, and often drove him to tears. But the queen, being vexed at this, and knowing that Judas was not in any way connected with her, used frequently to beat him. But even then he did not desist from annoying the other boy. At length the truth is made known, and it is divulged that Judas is not the real son of the queen, but only a foundling. And when Judas found this out, he was exceedingly ashamed, and privily murdered his putative brother, the king's son. And ai he feared sentence of death for this action, he fled with the tributaries to Jerusalem, and gave himself up to the court of Pilate, who was governor at that time. And as the circumstances of both of them were very much alike, and Pilate found that Judas very much resembled him in disposition, therefore he began to feel a great affection for him. Therefore, Judas is appointed to preside over the whole of Pilate's court, and every thing is regulated by his nod. Accordingly, on a certain day, Pilate, who was looking from his palace at a certain garden, was seized with such a longing for the applet that grew there, that he appeared almost ready to faint. But that orchard belonged to Reuben, the father of Judas ; but

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