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FRANCIS LANCELOTT, ESQ. Queens of England. Vol.1.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Queens of England. Vol.1.
page 44

ADELICIA OF LOUVAIN E, lirnnìt Èira nf Irarij tjit /icst. CHAPTER I. Henry's grief for the loss of Matilda—Protects his continental possessions from the French—Concludes apeace. with France—Tils daughter Matilda crowned Empress of Germany, and his son William invested with the ducal crown of Normandy—• Henry embarks for England—Wreck of the Blanche Neuf and loss of Henry's children—His griff—He it advised to marry—Proposes for Adelicia—Marries with great pomp at Windsor—Henry and Adelicia crowned at Westminster— High genealogy of Adelicia—Her beauty and elegant accomplishments—Site becomes a favourite with the people—Upholds morality and religion, and affords munificent encouragement to learning—Her court becomes the court of the greatest scholars and minstrels of the times—She is praised by Henry of Huntingdon—The first menagerie erected in England. ^?*M1^ V LTHOUGÏI Henry the preceding year, been advantageously contracted to the illustrious Alice, daugh atf^^^^f the First had bitter of Fulk, the powerful Earl of Anjou. tcrl tho nÎÈ^ÂWffiy " bewaUed This marriage was solemnized at Li tilda the Good, he sieux, in Burgundy county, and the feasts and pageants with which it was celebrated only ceased in November, %&$$s!ÊrÊÊÊÊ*& actively engaged in 1120, when the king, Prince William, '- protecting his contiand the English nobles repaired to Barnental possessions from the ambitious fleur, whither they embarked for Enggrasp of the French King, Louis the land, on the twenty-fifth day of the Sixth, to seek consolation in a second month, a day rendered memorable by marriage. Eut fierce and protracted as the fatal wreck of the Blanche Neuf, or this contest was, victory at length dewhite ship, in which Prince William, clared in favour of the energetic Beautwo of the king's natural children, two clerc, who now ruled in undisturbed posof his nephews, and a host of youthful session the powerful dominions of Engnobles found a watery grave. land and Normandy. The year 1120, saw Henry at the summit of his great-The royal fleet, which had sailed with m ss. With Erance he had just conthe king and bis train, but a few hours cluded a honourable peace ; his daughter before the white ship commenced its Matilda had been crowned Empress of voyage of death, reached Southampton Germany, and his son. Prince William, in safety, and for three weary days did whom ho had invested with the ducal the monarch, in anxious expectation, crown of Normandy, had, in the June of await the arrival of his son. The sad

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