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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.2., From A.D. 1180 To A.D. 1201.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.2., From A.D. 1180 To A.D. 1201.
page 447

And if any person shall presume to contravene this ordinance, he is to be forced by ecclesiastical censure to the observance thereof. Therefore, let no person entirely withhold himself from this work, inasmuch as the same has not been commenced by ourselves, but by the' Apostles themselves, who made collection among the nations, that they might succour the brethren who were labouring in Jerusalem. And further, we do wish you not to despair of the Divine mercy, however much the Lord may be offended at our sins, who, by your hand may effect, (if, as you ought to do, you set out upon your pilgrimage with all humility of heart and of body,) that which he did not grant to your forefathers. For, probably, our forefathers would have conspired together, and would have said, ' our own high hand, and not the Lord hath done all this ;' and to themselves, and not to the Lord they would have ascribed the glory of the victory. We do also trust, that He will not in His wrath withhold His mercies, who, when He is angered, doee not forget to show mercy, admonishing and exhorting us, saying, ' Turn unto me, and I will turn unto you.' We do also believe, that if you walk in the law of the Lord, not following in the footsteps of those, who, going after vanity, have become vain, who gave themselves up to junkettings and to drunken revellings, and did those things in the parts beyond sea, which, in the land of their own nativity, they would not dare to do without having to endure great infamy and considerable disgrace, but, placing your hopes of victory in Him alone, who does not forsake those who put their trust in Him, and abstain not only from what is unlawful, but also from many things that are lawful, He, who overthrew the chariot and the hosts of Pharaoh in the Red Sea, will render weak the bow of the strong, and will sweep away from before your faces the enemies of the Cross of Christ as though the very dirt of the streets ; not, indeed, giving to us or to you the glory, but to His own name, who is glorious in His Saints, wondrous in His majesty, a worker of marvels, and, after tears and weeping, the giver of joy and gladness. Moreover, if any of those who shall go on the pilgrimage, shall at the time be bound by oath to pay interest, we do, brother archbishops and bishops, command their creditors21 in your several dioceses to be compelled by you, by force of ecclesiastical compulsion, all obstacle by appeal removed, entirely to absolve them from their said " Credimus " is a mistake for " creditores."

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