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Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

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The text of Froissart's Chronicles is preserved in more than 100 manuscripts, illustrated by a variety of miniaturists. One of the first known printed edition was published under the title "Croniques de France, dAngleterre, dEscoce, dEspaigne, de Bretaigne, de Gascongne, de Flandres et lieux circunvoisins" 4 tomes, Paris, Antoine Verard, [ca. 1498].
This Chronicles were frequently reprinted in the early centuries in both French and, after Berners's translation of 1523-25, in English. But almost all those editions were so-called "Epitomes" - condensed version of the original text. Full text of this chronicle containing almost three million words was translated from French into modern English with variations and additions and published in twelve volumes by Thomas Johnes (1748-1816) in 1803-1810.

This is the most comprehensive edition of Froissart's Chronicles in English until now.



Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 


Biography of Jean Froissart

Jean Froissart (born c.1333, Valenciennes, Brabant — died c.1404, Chimay, Hainaut), often referred to in English as John Penishead, was one of the most important chroniclers of medieval time.
For centuries, Froissart's Chronicles have been recognized as the chief expression of the chivalric revival of the 14th century Kingdom of England and France. His history is also one of the most important sources for the first half of the Hundred Years' War.
Very little is known of Froissart's life and the little that is known comes mainly from Froissart's own Chronicle and his poems.
John Froissart originated from Valenciennes, Hainaut, and his writings suggest his father was a painter of armorial bearings. Froissart began working as a merchant but soon gave that up to become a clerk. By about age 24, he had gained significant distinction and carried with him a letter of recommendation from the King of Bohemia when he became a court poet and a kind of official historian to Philippa of Hainault, queen consort of Edward III of England. The memoirs of his time in Philippa's service, between 1361 and 1369, were later put together with reports of other events he had witnessed, in his famous Chronicles ("Chroniques de France, d'Engleterre et des paīs voisins").
He took a serious approach to his work traveling around England, Scotland, Wales, France, Flanders and Spain and gathering material and first-hand accounts for his Chronicle. He also went with Lionel Duke of Clarence to Milan to attend the duke's marriage to the daughter of Galeazzo Visconti. At this wedding two other significant writers of the Middle Ages were present, Chaucer and Petrarch.
After the publication of this first book, and after the death of Philippa, he enjoyed the patronage of Joanna, Duchess of Brabant among various others. He received rewards—including the benefice of Estinnes, a village near Binche and later became canon of Chimay—which were sufficient to finance his further travels and studying European political, military and common life developments of his time.
He returned to England in 1395 but seemed disappointed by the changes since he was last there and what he viewed as the end of chivalry. The date and circumstances of his death are unknown but St. Monegunda of Chimay claims to be the final resting place for his remains.


Other known editions of Froissart Chronicles

Berners, J. B., The first volume of Sir Johan Froyssart of The chronycles of Englande/ Fraunce/ Spayne, 2 tomes, London, Richarde Pynson, 1523-1525.

Froissart, J., Historiarum opus omne, jam primum et breuiter collectum et latino sermone redditum, éd. Sleidanus, Paris, Simon Collinaeus, 1537, 2e impression 1562, 3ième impression 1576.

Froissart, J., Cort verhael ende begrijp van de gheheele historie van (...) Frossart, uit de Franchoysche tale eerst byeen ghetrocken uit Latijn door Joannem Sleydanum, ende nu cortelyk in onse Nederduytsche sprake overghestelt door Ad. V.N.A., Leiden, by Jan Paedts Jakobszoon, 1537.

Berners, J. B., The fyrst volum of Syr Johan Froyssart of The cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spayne, Portyngale, Scotlaude, Bretayne, Flaunders and other places adioynynge, 2 tomes, London, Wyllyam Myddylton, [1545].

Froissart, J., Historiarum opus omne, jam primum et breviter collectum et latino sermone redditum, trad. J. Sleidanus, Paris, apud A. Wechelum, 1569.

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Aux pp. 497-568 une sélection des passages des 4 livres des Chroniques concernant l'Angleterre (« Historiae omnes memorabiles, et lectu non indignae »), d'après la traduction latine par J. Sleidanus : « Ioannis Frossardi Historiarum epitome, ab I.S. collecta, & latinitate donata ».

Golding, P., An epitome of Frossard: or, a summarie collection of the most memorable histories contained in his Chronicle, chiefly concerning the state of England and France, wherin the famous warres and conquests of king Edward the third, with the honorable atchievements of the Blacke Prince and other his sonnes, both in Fraunce, Spaine and Portugall, are compendiously described, Londres, printed by Tho: Purfoot, for Per: Golding, 1608, 215 p.

Froissart, J., Kort verhael ende begrijp van de gheheele historie van den hooch-beroemden ende vermaerden fransoyschen historisschrijver Frossart, wt de Fransoysche tale eerst by-een ghetrocken int Latijn door Iohannem Sleidanum, ende nu kortelijck in onse Nederduytsche spracke overghestelt door Ad. V.N.A. met een tafel vande merckelijckste historien zeer nut ende profijtelijck voor den aendachtigen leser, Rotterdam, gedruckt ten huyse van Abraham Migoen, Fransoysche schoolmeester woonende inden Rijstuyn, 1611, 42+ p.

Schenkel, L., Flores & sententiæ insigniores, ex libris de Constantia Iusti Lipsii, in gratiam scholarum selecti, ad usus loquendi scribendique quotidianum accommodati, Dusilvium, sumptibus auctoris, 1615, [3], 96 p.

Aux pages 58-96 : « Ex epitome Historiarum memorabilium Frossardi »; liste de proverbes, en traduction latine (d'après la traduction par Sleidanus ?), figurant dans les Chroniques de Froissart. Sans références, mais avec indications de livres (à la p. 70 commence Livre III et à la p. 83 Livre IV).

Sleidanus, J., III boecken van de "Vier Monarchien", XXVI boecken van den "Stant der religie ende gemeijne welvaert onder keyser Carel de V"; II oratien des autheurs, de eene aenden keyser, de ander aen de Staten des Rycx, van nieu overgeset; IIII boecken des vermaerden historie schrijvers Froissart bij den autheur voor sonderlinghe konst int cort bij den anderen getrocken, Amsterdam, Iansz, 1630.

Froissart, J., Historiarum opus omne, jam primum et breviter collectum et latino sermone redditum, éd. Sleidanus, Amsterdam, apud J. et C. Blaeu, 1640.

Froissart, J., Historiarum opus omne jamprimum & breviter collectum, & Latino sermone redditum a Joanne Sleidano, Amsterdam, Apud Ioannem et Cornelium Blaeu, 1666, 203 p.

Froissart, J. et Grafton, R., A paralel of times and events; being, a narative account of an introde made by the Scots into England, in the reign of King Richard the Second; and how the Scots fleed at the approach of the English forces, and were pursued by them into Scotland, with an account of the great preparations at that time made by the French King, to invade England from the coast of Flanders, France, and Brittany, as the same is set forth, by Master John Froissart, in his History of those times; and also, by Master Richard Grafton, in his Chronicle, London, C. Corbett, 1746, 63 p.

Froissart, J., Chronicles of England, France, and the adjoining countries, from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV, éd. T. Johnes, 5 tomes, S.l., Hafod Press, 1803-1810.

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Berners, J. B., Sir John Froissart's chronicles of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Scotland,
Brittany, Flanders, and the adjoining countries
, 2 tomes, London, Printed for F.C. and J.
Rivington, 1812.

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Aux pp. 6—8 une traduction anglaise d'un chapitre de Froissart, découvert dans la collection des manuscrits du Prince de Soubise par Buchon et publié par lui en 1824 dans son Chroniques nationales et étrangères : « How messire Robert de Beaumanoir went forth to defy the captain of Ploërmel, by name Brandebourg; and how he had rude battle of Thirty against Thirty ».

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