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ROGER OF WENDOVER Flowers of history. The history of England from the descent of the saxons to A.D. 1235. vol.2


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Flowers of history. The history of England from the descent of the saxons to A.D. 1235. vol.2
page 576

A.D. 1233.] SLAUGHTER BY THE MARSHAL. endeavoured to take him prisoner and carry him off to the castle ; he however kept them at a distance, brandishing his sword right and left, and struck down whoever came within reach, either killing them or stunning them by the force of his blows, and although engaged single-banded against twelve enemies, defended himself for a length of time. His enemies at length, not daring to approach him, killed the horse he rode with their lances; but the marshal, who was well practised in the French way of fighting, seized one of the knights who was attacking him by the feet, and dragged him to the ground, and then quickly mounting his adversary's horse, he renewed the battle. The knight lialdwin was ashamed that the marshal defended himself single-handed against so many of his enemies for such a time, and made a desperate attack on him, and seizing his helmet, tore it from his head with such violence, that blood gushed forth from bis mouth and nostrils ; he then seized the marshal's horse hy the bridle, and endeavoured to drag it with its rider towards the castle, whilst others assisted him by impelling the marshal on from behind. The latter however, sweeping his sword behind him, struck two of his enemies to the earth stunned, hut could not then release himself from their grasp. At this juncture however a cross-bowman amongst the marshal's company, seeing his lord in danger, discharged an arrow from his how, which, striking Baldwin, who was dragging the marshal away, in the breast, entered his body, notwithstanding bis armour, and he fell to the earth believing himself mortally wounded ; his companions on seeing this, left the marshal, and went to raise Baldwin nom the ground, for they thought that he was dead. Of the slaughter by the marshal at the castle nf Monmouth. Whilst these events were passing, news had been carried to the marshal's army of the danger he was in, on which they marched with all haste to his assistance, and soon put his enemies to flight. A bridge in the neighbourhood of the castle, over which the fugitives hoped to make their escape, was found to be broken, on which great numbers of them threw themselves into the river and were drowned with their horses and arms ; others, having no means of escape, were slain hy their purjuers, and some were made prisoners ·, and few of those who had sallied out from the castle returned safe. On the side of the marshal, Thomas Siward, a brave knight, and two of his companions, were taken prisoners and carried off into the castle. Of the troops of the garrison, fifteen knights and great numbers of soldiers were taken and carried off by the marshal, together with their horses, arms, and other booty. Numbers of the slain remained lying on the field of battle, amongst whom were to be sten Welsh, l'oictevins, and other foreigners, and Baldwin de (ìuisnes was carried to the castle severely wounded. This battle took place oear the above castle on St. Catherine's day.* * November 23th.

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