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ROGER OF WENDOVER Flowers of history. The history of England from the descent of the saxons to A.D. 1235. vol.2


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Flowers of history. The history of England from the descent of the saxons to A.D. 1235. vol.2
page 530

A.D. 1229. j COLLECTION OF ΤΙΤΠΕ3. 529 was endeavouring to overthrow, as was plainly evident, wherefore, as the apostolic see was not rich enough to destroy him, he wa- forced by necessity to beg assistance from all the sons of the church, by which means he might be able to bring to the desired conclusion tho expedition which he had commenced, and which was in a measure now going on prosperously. At length, at the conclusion of the letter the pope advised caeh and all of thorn as limbs of the church, inasmuch as thoy were natural sons of the church of Rome, which is the mother of all churches, to givi powerful assistance to her, lest, which God forbid, if they failed in so doing, the whole body as well as the limbs should give way. By such and such like arguments set forth in the pope's lettor, master Stephen endeavoured to persuade all who were present to agree to tho demand, sotting forth the honour and advantage that would accrue to those who wore obedient. Tho king, whom all the rest hoped would assist them in opposing this exaction, could not oppose them, as he had by his messengers at Rome, as has boon above-stated, promised to pay these tithes, and as he made no answer, he seemed by his silence to givo consent. Rut the carls, barons, and all the laity plainly declared that they would not give these tithes, as they did not wish to pledge their baronies or lay possessions to the Roman church. Tho bishops, abbats, priors, and other prelates of tho churches, after two or three days' deliberation and no slight grumbling, at length consented to it, being afraid that they should incur the sentence of excommunication or interdict if they opposed the apostolic commands. Master Stephen then showed to all the prelates letters procurator)' from the pope, by which his holiness had appointed him his agent to collect the said tithes, and that thoy were to be collected, not as was done in levying the tax of tho twentieth part, which had been a little while before given to tho king to obtain their rights, but in th" best way thoy could to the advantage of the pope, and that all th" goods and moveable property of each was to be taxed so as to yield the most ; namely, a tenth part of all incomes, yearlv profits, produce of ploughed lands, offerings, tithes, provisions for men and beasts, and of all the revenues of tho churches and other possessions, under whatever name they were enrolled, on ie occasion deducting any debts or expenses. By these same letters, too, ho was authorized to excommunicate all gainsaycrs, and to lav the churches under interdict ; wherefore, after appointing his agents in each county of Kngland, ho excommunicated all those who, cither themselves or by moans of others, should practise any collusion or deceit, make any unjust Compacts, or any deduction in the matter of paying the aforesaid tithes. And, since immediate assistance was necessary in the matter, he ordered all tl •• prelates and others, under penalty of excommunication, either amongst themselves or in some way or other, to give htm up at

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