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ROGER OF WENDOVER Flowers of history. The history of England from the descent of the saxons to A.D. 1235. vol.2


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Flowers of history. The history of England from the descent of the saxons to A.D. 1235. vol.2
page 519

513 notila; οκ \VKXIOVI;R. [Λ. η. 122'J. In the pamo year, as Ash Wednesday approached, which was the day appointed for tli • archhisbop elect t" Oantcrlmry and the kind's nu'ssengvrs to hear the definitive decision of the pope as to what ought hy right to lie done in the matter of the election, the said messengers, and especially Master John de Houtoii, made continual petitions to the pope and the cardhuls, but finding the contest were frnin the provinces adjoining Klnnders, commonly calici Pieurds. Notwithstanding this however, llie oiHcers of the city, although the c filters saw that tlie aforesaid clerks were unarmed and innocent, rushed on them, slaying some, wittnding sonic,and beating and mercilessly ill-treating others; some of them howwer escaped and hid thcTsehcs in the vinevnnls and caves. Amongst the wounded, two rich clerks of high station «ere found slain, one of whom was of Fiondali race, the other a Norman. When this enormous crime came to the cars uf ihe heads of the university, they all went in a body before the queen and the legate, having first suspended all reading and disputation, and demanded instant justice for the injury; for they thought it highly unjust that, on such slight grounds, the offence of a few contemptible petty clerks should redound to the prejudice of the whole university ; but that the one who had been guilty of the offence ought to give satisfaction. Hut ;is all justice was denied them both by the queen and the legate as well as by the bishop of the city, the whole body of master* find seholnrs departed in different directions ; thiteaching of the doctors and the discipline of the scholars ceased, and not one distinguished scholar out of the whole number remained ; and the city which used tn glory in its clericals was now deprived of them. The renowned Englih scholars, masters Alan de Hecclcs, Nicholas de Kernham, John Blundus, li-ilph dc Maidstone, and William of Ihirham departed amongst the rest, and many others too numerous to mention ; the greatest part of them however chose the city of Anjou as the metropolitan city for universa! learning. Thus therefore the clerks left the city of Taris, once the nurse of philosophy end wisdom, execrating the Homan legate, and cursing the womanly haughtiness of the queen, and the infamous unanimity between them. Some servants 01 dependants of the departing scholars, or thoso who are called Goliardenses, composed the following ridico loua verse : — * lieu ! mori mur strati, vinctì, mersi, spoliati ; Mondila legati nos facit isla pati.1 ' Wo e to us all, for die we must, All owing to this legate's lust.* Some better versifier, however, by an apostrophe, makes the city of l'ari» 'Clero, tremiscn nietu, quia vis eontemnere me tu Perfundor fletti, men damna fico, tua He tu.' ' Ve clergy I tremble with fearing, You are too proud to give nie a hearing ; I am thoroughly drenched with crying, W e η re each for his own losses sighing.' A t length by the intervention of discreet persons peace was made between the clergy and the citizens and the scholars were recalled."

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