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The flowers of history, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. Vol. II. A.D. 1066 to A.D. I307.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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The flowers of history, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain. Vol. II. A.D. 1066 to A.D. I307.
page 288

A.D. 1247. HOMAGE PAID TO THE SON OP PBEDEBIC. 281 Ambassadors are sent from different parts of the world, to the injury of Frederic. When the lord the pope heard this, being pricked in his heart with grief, he sent formal cardinal legates to the different countries of the world, in the plenitude of the power committed to him, fully authorised to injure, as far as ever they were able, Frederic himself, and his son, Conrad, who had unweariedly pursued the landgrave to a shameful death, and who were enjoined not to cease from collecting money from all ecclesiastical persons, and especially from such as belonged to any religious order, for their overthrow. Accordingly, the lord the pope sent one of them, by name Octavianus, into Germany, another into Italy, another into Spain, and another, the bishop of Sabionetta, (of whom we shall epeak more fully hereafter) into Norway. And besides these, he sent many brethren of the order of Preachers, and of the order of Minor Brethren, armed with great powers, to excite the whole world against the aforesaid rebels and enemies to the Roman church. Frederic causes aU the Cahbrians, Apulians, and Sicilians to do homage to his son Henry. But while this time was passing, and these events taking place, Frederic, of suspected memory, whom we are forbidden to call or style emperor, caused all the Calabrians, Apulians, and Sicilians to do homage to his beloved son, Henry, whom, having been born to him by his beloved empress, Isabella, the sister of the lord the king of England, he had taken to be the strength and support of his empire. Moreover, Frederic, hearing that legates were being sent by the lord the pope into different countries, to the injury of his character and dignity, he wrote to Ensius, king of Sardinia, hie own natural son, to prepare effectual toils and snares for the Januensians, who were the kinsmen and friends of the Dope, and for his legate, who was sent into that country ; which injunction Ensius carefully complied with, that he might not seem disobedient to his father. And in like manner he signified to Conrad, king of Germany, that he wished that he would, with all his power and prudence, resist the legate who was sent into the district of Germany, and the archbishop of Cologne, and all who gave them any aid or advice, or showed them any favour, and empty their coffers of all the treasure which they had derived

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