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Roger De Hoveden The Annals vol.1., From A.D. 732 To A.D. 1180.


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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Roger De Hoveden
The Annals vol.1., From A.D. 732 To A.D. 1180.
page 136

A.D 1061. AL DEED KECEIVES THE PALL. 125 Stow Saint Mary,15 in Latin the place of Saint Mary, they enriched with precious ornaments : the monastery of Worcester, also, they endowed with lands, and that of Evesham with buildings, and enriched it with various ornaments and lands. The wisdom of this earl, so long as he lived, greatly benefitted the kings and all the people of England : he was succeeded in his dignities by his son, Algar. Hecca, the bishop of the South Saxons," died, and in his place Egelric, a monk of Christ's church in Canterbury, was chosen bishop. In the year 1058, Algar, earl of Mercia, was outlawed by king Edward the Second, but, by the aid of Griffin, king of the Welsh, and the assistance of a fleet of the Norwegians, which unexpectedly came to aid him, he speedily regained his earldom by force. Aldred, bishop of "Worcester, with becoming honor, dedicated the church which he had built in the city of Gloucester, from the foundation, in honor of Peter the chief of the Apostles ; and afterwards, with the king's permission, appointed "Wulstan, who had been ordained by himself a monk of Worcester, abbat there. Then, resigning the charge of the bishopric of Wiltshire," which had been entrusted to him to govern, and restoring it to Herman, who has been previously mentioned, he went beyond sea, and set out for Jerusalem by way of Hungary, a thing that no archbishop or bishop of England is known to have done till then. In the year 1059, Nicolas, bishop of the city of Elorence, was elected pope, and Benedict was expelled. In the year 1060, Henry, king of the Pranks, departed this life, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Philip. Duduc, bishop of Wells, died, and was succeeded by Gisa, the king's chaplain ; they were both natives of Lorraine. Kinsy, archbishop of York, died at York, on the eleventh day before the calends of January, and being carried to the monastery which is called Burgh, was honorably interred there. In his room, Aldred, bishop of Worcester, was chosen archbishop, on the Nativity of our Lord ; and the bishopric of Hereford, which had also been conferred on him by reason of his zeal, was given to Walter, a native of Lorraine, the chaplain of queen Edgitha. In the year 1061, Aldred, archbishop of York, set out for Borne with earl Tosti, and received the pall from pope Nicolas. 15 In Lincolnshire. 16 Of Selsey, in Sussex 17 Kamcsbury.

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