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Venerable Bede The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation

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Venerable Bede
The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation
page 138

monastery, v. 6. HEREBERGA, abbess of Wetadun, v. 3. HERERIC, grandson of King Edwin, and father of Hilda, his conversion, exile and death, iv. 23. HERESUID, mother of King Aldwulf, and sister of Hilda, and a nun at Chelles, iv. 23. HERNIANUS, a priest to whom Pope John writes about Easter, ii. 19. HERTFORD, or HERUTFORD, a council held there, iv. 5. HERU, the first Northumbrian nun, iv. 23. HERUTEU, the monastery of, now Hartlepool, in Durham, iii. 24, iv. 23. HEWALDS, two brothers, their death, v. 10. HIBERNIA, or IRELAND, the seat of the Scots, i. 1, iii. 19; the fame of St. Oswald extends thither, iii. 13; a pestilence, &c, iii. 27; devastated by Egfrid, iv. 26; Irish preachers go to Germany, v. 9, 10; adopts the true mode of observing Easter, v. 15 ; the word Hibernia is always rendered Scotland in King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon translation of the Ecclesiastical History. HIDDILA, preacher in the Isle of Wight, iv. 16. HII, now IONA, one of the Hebrides, a monastery there, iii. 3, 21 ; their mode of observing Easter, iii. 4 ; Aidan comes from thence, iii. 3 ; Colman) returns thither, iv. 4 ; the monks refuse to receive the catholic mode of observing Easter from Adamnan, v. 15, 21 ; Egbert is sent thither and converts them to the true mode, v. 9, 22. HILARIUS, the arch-priest, ii. 19. HILDA, born 614, became a nun in 647, abbess of Heruteu in 649, afterwards of Streaneshalch or Whitby, where she died, 680, iii. 24, 25, iv. 23. HILDILITH, abbess of Barking after Ethelberga, iv. 10. HIRIDAN, see NIRIDAN. HOMELEA, now the HAMBLE, a river in the country of the Gewissa;, near Winchester, (Camden,) iv. 16. HONORIUS, Pope, successor to Boniface, sends the pall to Paulinus, and letters to King Edwin, ii. 17 ; writes to the Scots about Easter, ii. 19 ; sends Birinus to Britain, iii. 7 ; honours Aidan, iii. 25. HONORIUS, archbishop of Canterbury, consecrated by Paulinus, ii. 16, 18 ; sends Felix to preach in East Anglia, ii. 15 ; receives the pall, ii. 18 ; entertains Paulinus and Ethelberga, ii. 20 ; ordains Ithamar bishop of Rochester, and Thomas bishop of East Anglia, iii. 14 ; liis death, iii. 20. HORSA, brother of Ilengist, i. 15 ; he was slain at the battle of Aylesford, or Eaglesford, and buried at Horsted, in Kent. (See Hasted's Kent, ii. 177 ; and Archeologia, ii. 107.) HUICCII, see Wiccii. HUMBER, a river in Northumberland, ii. 16, v. 23. HUNS expel the Goths, v. 19. HUNWALD betrays King Oswin, iii. 14. HYGBALD, an abbot in Lindsey, relates a vision, iv. 3. IBAS, his tenets condemned at the synod of Hatfield, iv. 17. IDLE, a river in Northamptonshire, in the kingdom of Merda, ii. 12. IMMA, a youth whose chains fell off at the performance of the mass, iv. 22. IMMIN, a general of Mercia, who raised up Wulfhere against Oswy, iii. 24. INA, or INI, king of Wessex after Cadwalla, goes to Rome, v. 1. INCUNINGUM, See CUNNINGHAM. INDERAWUDA, the monastery of Bishop John, v. 2,6. INDICTIONS, spaces of fifteen years. It is important to bear in mind that Bede always dates from the 24th of September. (See De Temporibus.) INFEPFINGUM, in Mercia, where Diurna died, iii. 21. INFEPPINGUM, perhaps Repton, in Derbyshire ; Camden, Brit. col. 491. INGETLINGUM, GILLING, near Richmond, in Yorkshire. (See Raine's St. Cuthbert.) INGWALD, bishop of London, .is present at the consecration of Tatwine, v. 23. INGYRVUM, GYRVUM, or JARROW, SEE JARROW. INISIOFINDE, island off the coast of Connaught, where was the monastery of Co Iman, iv. 4. INLITORE, island, on the Rhine, where Suidbert built a monastery, v. 11. INRHIPUM, now Ripon. INRHYPUM, RHYPUM, or RIPON. IRHINRIC, father of Ethelbert, ii. 5. ITHAMAR, bishop of Rochester, iii. 10; ordained by Deusdedit; bis death, iii. 20. (See Acta Sane. Jun. ii. 294.) ITHANCESTIR, near Maldon in Essex, (Camden,) iii. 22. JAMES, the deacon, an attendant on Paulinus, u. 16; left at York; his ministry and death, ii. 20 ; observes the true Easter ; it present at the synod of Streaneahalch, iii. 25 ; teaches the Roman mode of singing, ii. 20, iv. 2. JARUMAN, bishop of Mercia, iii. 24 ; converts the West Saxons, iii. 30. JERUSALEM, V. 15, 16. JET. This is not the gagates so valuable among the ancients ; tome have taken it for our pit-coal. It grows in rocks, and is first reddish, but after polishing is black and shining. With this description of Bede agrees the poet : Nascitur in Lycia lapis et prone gemma gagates, Sed genus eximium foecunda Britannia mittit ; Lucidus et niger est, levis et levissimus idem, Vicinas paleas trahit attritu calefactus. Marbodæus de gemmis. JOHN THE EVANGELIST, his authority appealed to by the Scots, iii. 25. JOHN THE MARTYR, bis relics sent by the Pope to King Oswy, iii. 29. JOHN, pope after Severinus, sends letters to the Scots, ii. 19. JOHN, the chief secretary, ii. 19. JOHN, the counsellor, ii. 19. JOHN, archbishop of Arles, entertains Theodore, iv. 1. JOHN, the singer, is present at the synod of Hatfield ; dies on his return, and is buried at Tours, iv. 18. JOHN, bishop of Hexham after Eata, and of York after Bota, v. 2—6. JOHN, pope after Agatho, acquits Wilfrid of heresy, and sends letters to Britain about him, v. 19. JULIAN or CAMPANIA, i. 10. (See Pagi Crit. in Ann. Eccl. Baronii, A.D. 419, § 4—19.) JULIUS GASAR, i. 2.

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