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Venerable Bede The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation

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Venerable Bede
The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation
page 134

CONSTANTINE, bishop of Rome; in his time King Coenred became a monk at Rome, v. 20. CONSTANTIUS., emperor of Rome, dies in Britain, i. 8. COVSTANTIUS COMES slays Constantine II. at Aries, i. 11. CROMANUS, one of the bishops to whom Pope John writes on their observance of Easter, ii. 19. CROMANUS, also a priest connected with the former, ii. 19. CUICHELM, king of Sussex, sends an assassin to murder Edwin, ii 9. CUICHELM, bishop of Rochester after Putta, iv. 12. CUTHBERT, Bede's authority for his life, Pre/. ; he advises Egfrid not to attack the Picts, iv. 26 ; his character, life, death, miracles, &c. iv. 27—32. CUTHWALD, abbot of Undalum, v. 19. CYNEBERGA, daughter of Penda, and wife of Alfrid. CYNEBERT, fourth bishop of Lindisfarne, iv. 12. He is said by Bale and Pits to have written Annals, but they have no authority for this assertion. Bede obtained from him particulars of transactions in the province of Lindsey, Pref. CYNEBERT, abbot of Reodford, iv. 16. CYNEBIL, brother of Cedd, iii. 23. CYNEFRID, a physician, who testified the incorruption of Saint Etheldrida's body, iv. 19. CYNEGILS, king of Sussex, is baptized ; gives to the church the city of Dorchester ; is succeeded by Coinwalch, iii. 7. CYNEMUND, a priest, relates to Bede the miracle of Aidan, iii. 15. CYNWISE, queen of Mercia, who kept Egfrid son of Oswy as a hostage, iii. 24. She is called Kyneswitha by Thomas of Ely. CYRIL, iv. 17. DACORE, a river near which was Suidbert's monastery, iv. 32. DAGAN, a bishop, who refused to sit at meat with the Roman bishops, ii. 4. DAGOBERT, king of France, and brother of Charibert, father of Bertha, ii. 20. DALFIN, bishop of Lyons, tries to detain Wilfrid in Gaul ; his death, v. 19. DALREUDINI, the inhabitants of Dalrieda, comprehending Lorn, Argyle, Knapdale, Breadalbane, Kintire, and the neighbouring islands : they came originally from the opposite country of Antrim in Ireland, i. 1. Camden could find no remains of this name, except a people called Dalrietia. An old historical writing of Kennet has the following—' Kinnodius biennium antcquam pervenit in Pictaviam Dalriotæ regnum suscepit.' There was a place in Scotland called Dalrea or Dalurea, in Argyle, where Robert Bruce fought a battle. Dalrieda is now the county of Antrim, and is called Rout, Dalrede or Dalreth. King John granted it, together with Rachlyn or Rachilin, to Alanus de Galiven. Claudian, Orosius and others represent the Scots as having come from Ireland ; and Alfred, in his paraphrase of Orosius, calls Ireland, Scotland. Irbennia that ."—Stevens's Trans. DAMIAN, hishop of Rochester, after Ithamar, consecrated by Deusdedit, iii. 20 ; Putta succeeds him, iv. 2. DANES, the, v. 9. DANIEL, succeeds to half the diocese of the West Saxons, or Winchester, on the death of Heddi, v. 18; adds the Isle of Wight to his episcopal see, iv. 16 ; is present at the consecration of Tatwine, archbishop of Canterbury, v. 23 ; assists Bede by sending materials for bis Eccles. History. He resigned his bishopric A.D. 744, Pref. Some of his letters are found among those of Boniface. DEARM-ACH, monastery of, iii. 4. It is now Durrogh, in King's County. (See Adamnan, also Primordia, p. 690, and Annal. Tigern. 589.) DEDA, abbot of Bardney, ii. 16. DEGSASTAN-, where Ethelfrid defeated Ædan, king of Scots, i. 34 ; now Dawstane in Liddisdale, or Dalston near Carlisle. DEIRA, one of the provinces into which Northumberland was divided ; Gregory's allusion to the name, ii. 1 ; united with Bernicia under King Oswald, iii. 6 ; Bosathe first bishop of Deira, iv. 12. DENISES-BURN, where Oswald slew Cadwalla, iii. 1. DERWENTIO, the Derwent ; near this river Eumer tries to assassinate King Edwin, ii. 9. DEUSDEDIT, bishop of Rome, predecessor of Boniface, ii. 7, 8. DEUSDEDIT, archbishop of Canterbury, and successor of Honorius, his birth and consecration; he consecrates Damian bishop of Rochester, iii. 20 ; his death, iii. 28, iv. 1. DICUL, a priest, to whom Fursey leaves his monastery, iii. 19. DICUL, a Scottish monk, who had a monastery at Bosanham, iv. 13. DIMANUS, a Scottish bishop, to whom with others Pope John wrote a letter on the observance of Easter, ii. 19. DINOOTH, abbot of the monastery of Bancor, ii. 2. DIOCLETIAN, his persecution of the Christians, i. 4, 6. DIUMA, one of four priests sent to convert the Middle Angles ; becomes bishop of the Middle Angles and Mercians, i. e. of Litchfield and Coventry, from A.D. 655 to A.D. 658 ; is ordained by Finan ; his death, iii. 21, 24. DOMMOC, near Dunwich, on the coast of Suffolk, the see of Felix, bishop of the East Angles, ii. 15. It has long since been washed away by the sea. DORCIC, DORCHESTER, in Oxfordshire, the first see of the bishop of Wes-sex, iii. 7. DOROVERNENSIS CIVITAS, now CANTERBURY, the metropolis of Ethel-bert's kingdom, and the archiepiscopal see of Augustine, i. 25, 26, Li. 3 ; an old church therein, formerly dedicated to St. Martin, is revived by Augustine and dedicated to the Saviour ; a monastery, wherein was the church of St. Peter and St. Paul, founded by Ethelbert, the bishops and kings buried there, i. 26, 33 ; the city saved from conflagration by a miracle, i. 6. DRITHELM, his resurrection from the dead, v. 12. DUNCHAD, abbot of Hii, under whom the Catholic observance of Easter was introduced, v. 22.

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