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Venerable Bede The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation

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Venerable Bede
The Ecclesiastical History Of The English Nation
page 129

INDEX TO THE ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY. The Numbers refer to the Books and Chapters. AARON and Julius martyred i. 7. ABERCURNIG, the monastery of, its position, i. 12 ; Bishop Trumwine departs from thence, iv. 26. It is now Abercorn on the Carron. ACCA, goes to Rome with Wilfrid ; relates the miracles of St. Oswald, iii. 13, iv. 14; relates the vision of Wilfrid, v. 19; succeeds Wilfrid in the bishopric of Hagulstad ; his education and acts, v. 20 ; was still bishop of Hagulstad, when Bede ended his history, v. 23. ACBA, sister of Edwin, and mother of Oswald, iii. 6 ; she is called Seba in Acta Sanctor. Aug. ii. p. 98. ADAMNANUS, sometimes called ADAMANNUS, goes on a mission to Alfrid, and embraces the Catholic mode of observing Easter ; corrects the error of many of the Scots respecting the same ; writes a book on the Holy Places, copied from Arculf, and presents it to Alfrid ; his death, v. 15. AD BARVE, See BARVE ADDA, brother of Utta, one of the four priests sent to convert the Middle Angles, iii. 21. ADDI, an earl or count, whose servant Bishop John raised from the dead, v. 5. ADOEFKIN, or ADGEBRIN, in Bernicia, where Paulinus baptized, ii. 14 ; now Teverin in Glendale. (See Hutchinson's Northumberland, i. 246, ed. 1778.) AD LAPIDEM, a place in prov. Jut. where the brothers of Arwald were martyred, iv. 16 ; Camden thinks it is Stoneham, between Southampton and Winchester. AD MURUM, a village near the Wall, belonging to King Oswy, where Peada, Sigebert, and their followers were baptized, iii. 21, 22. ADRIAN, See HADRIAN. ADTWIFORD, near the riyer Alne, where Cuthbert was elected bishop of Lindisfarne, by a synod held under Archbishop Theodore, iv. 28. ÆDAN, became king of Scotland, A.D. 574, (see Ann. Ulton. and Adam-nani Vita Columbani, iii. 5 ;) defeated by Ethelfrid, i. 34. He died A.D. 606.

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