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CHARLES G. ADDISON, ESQ. The history of the Knights Templars, Temple Church, and the Temple


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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The history of the Knights Templars, Temple Church, and the Temple
page 328

ττη twees ο* ris esmantns. u bate been «éStcWil at :î • JW ti»t the cèxtrvò. was so Μ—ι rally «Sp%WWiI S ti* t\'ieiit la-snrerfl. either la taw Tear M8Î. «k m it tr*$ •» tkKevactiW -tyùmi.' *r ba ufai • tbe «ET— ut il «refit » L «s :• -a r{ i—t—rk, is « e are iti'fneii h.» a kv«^Mpec. ctuieii die Fbrias* IW. of lie -inr* :ae iafci of Jan vary. '. "~to«er GiiËa^Ukai Es»} . trvewirwr iti" tike e Tem;·.'«·. t W Jkeù oa tW S» 4 isi IVcember. ìtiftx **, -f«'-. hmi the enfuit et* riu-ia^ tike Teu./»e CS»jn,"is »u i Ν -·» p-·.-»!» *i ami ti "* WNtuijik; eie A«y k» Γ«βΒτΑ»τ» u ίχνη •r-Ά-.' * X,'* teiJs τ tikaC * the first ut tie «*—i leffrevi «ι* ffi'sot Marciali. :.H- eart et" Pemiwvi.e,'" iwt tie -·fffcf τ of tial aveietmaa *o» ~kkrl- ti* «. W ; tie «Ut là sai tfcruuv UfMV i la ha.** Veea stared ti e àrsi, ami iee«* n? tan* '%Λ·α brvucat rvat tie T « A»i*r«*y ami lami by tike *»ìe of ti e 'Xier--. Dkuriaç th«î retrettt Fessurata» ·.·(" tie eioreJu it n i mwr j M ewTire tike «an i ία ettrt pert et tire RÌMUW. ami just bwtwHiît tie MTemeai of tie e ite rani trrreoiar aitse «ir pwrtisv ea τ iront** tie tvwer. «as ima J a brvÀetx -a.*\-%'ï«s*ris .t Pitrireck auroae -"·"*'*"—C a ami swnke boœ* apparently of ieri jrvai »JCs^aiTf ; tie apoer sartaee of tie jareovlla^ta» «as ea a level «iti ti e aaetwtt: p*e«aeat. tt 'ami *o mari or iascnpcùa ORMI it. «ai Mtfaaei orSjiaalr* to kr « beea jeevrasni «it i a Timit, rafani From rtra «atteri: — — 11 i[H lewuats of ti e taaaiaaiiaa of "»Va"«ieo Abèe». «rtKea "« tie invai.* of that fr«at rei^teus. iouse. « e ItfarB tìu: vieorfrs* vie )Ia£u«iUe. earl of Essex. the •ùtubìer of is. betas: saia ϊι aa artv« . in tie rear 1144. »a aaieo by tie Κ t is; its Tem {«ars to tie Olii Tern We. ie «as aAer«»iù» reeiei««i to tie cemetery of tie TS« Teaijjie. JK tiat sis Ovtiy w* boriici La the purlieu bwtvre tile western iocr of tie • V ι ι Hi UM««no.r«. ».·. W.

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