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CHARLES G. ADDISON, ESQ. The history of the Knights Templars, Temple Church, and the Temple


Sir John Froissart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the Ajoining Countries from the latter part of the reign of Edward II to the coronation of Henry IV in 12 volumes 

Chronicles of Enguerrand De Monstrelet (Sir John Froissart's Chronicles continuation) in 13 volumes 

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The history of the Knights Templars, Temple Church, and the Temple
page 108

Watton, Therletoii, Weston, Gravele, Wilien, Lecchoworth, Baldock, Dathewortli, Russenden, Codpeth, Sumershale, Buntynford, &c. ice., and the church of Weston.* In the county of Essex they had the manors of Temple Cressynge, Temple Roydon, Temple Sutton, Odewell, Cliingelford, Lideleye, Quarsing, Berwick, and Witham ; the church of Roydon, and houses, lands, and farms, both at Roydon, at Rivenhall, and in the parishes of Prittlewall and Great and Little Sutton ; an old mansion-house and chapel at Sutton, and an estate called Finchinfelde in the hundred of Hinckford.+ In Lincolnshire the Templars possessed the manors of La Bruere, Boston, Kirkeby, Brauncewell, Carleton, Akele, with the soke of Lynderby Aslakeby, and the churches of Bruere, Asheby, Akele, Aslakeby, Donington, Eie, Swinderby, Skarle, &c. There were upwards of thirty churches in the county which made annual payments to the order of the Temple, and about forty windmills. The order likewise received rents in respect of lands at Bracebrig, Brancetone, Scapwic, Timberland, Weleburne, Diringhton, and a hundred other places ; and some of the land in the county was charged with the annual payment of sums of money towards the keeping of the lights eternally burning on the altars of the Temple church.J William Lord of Asheby gave to the Templars the perpetual advowson of the church of Asheby m Lincolnshire, and they in return agreed to find him a priest to sing for ever twice a week in his chapel of St. In Yorkshire the Templars possessed the manors of Temple * Ctutteriuck,t hist. Hertfordshire. Chammg, antiq. Hert. Acta ffj/rwrt, toni. iii. p. 135 134. Dudsworth, M. S. Yol. xxxv. t MoranCt hist. Essex, Bj/mer. torn. iii. p, 290 to 294. \ Kedditus omnium ecclesiarum et molendinorum et terrarum de bailliâ de Lincoln* scire. Inquis. terrar. ut sup. fol. 41 b to 48 h and 49 a. Peck's MS. m Museo Britannico, vol. ivrbL 95 et seq. r ί, Peek's MS. ut sup. fol. 95.

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